Standard courses of all levels and flavours, bespoke courses a speciality

Course basis

  • zero robot knowledge assumed
  • industry standard of maximum of two trainees per available robot
  • always the focus on reality and on quality – production-oriented and by-the-book

Outline of standard courses

  • basic programming & operation S3 or S4 (3 days): understanding existing production programs, minor program modifications, path trimming
  • basic + extended programming S4 (4 days): understanding production programming, programming for expansion of robot cell or change of use, extraction of production data, etc
  • simple robot cell operation or ‘operation + modpos’ over 1-2 days are available but it’s likely are best done on customer’s own installation – please call to discuss
  • additional/advanced functions eg relative programming, search, Trigg, rotating work object etc; further programming exercises may also be included as required, course length may be affected subject to prior agreement (charged pro-rata)
  • process or service courses also available with partner deliverers, contact us to enquire

Course dates

courses are delivered in Newcastle upon Tyne and run on a monthly cycle see here


Price includes documentation, all refreshments and virtual elimination of the four risks of onsite training. Depending on numbers attending:
first trainee – 3-day: £900  |   4-day: £1100
additional trainees attending the same course, add £200 per person per day (eg a 4-day course for three people = £2700) – please feel free to call and discuss prices
additional or advanced functions may add time and therefore cost to a course depending on the context – please call to discuss
integrators: please enquire

Other courses

Present focus is the secondhand robot market where ABB’s own training offer for earlier controllers is progressively diminishing. Past courses have ranged from the standard programming and operation through focus sessions involving programming for reliability and prolonging mechanical life, logging production data or increasing operator interaction, to the very bespoke for multi-machine and/or multi-process operations. Our capability is across the board from S1 to IRC5 controllers (excepting painting) and we can tailor courses to your requirements. Whatever your needs for ABB robotic training feel free to contact us here.