Training delivered in a dedicated facility

It can be tempting, certainly financially, to have robot programmers trained in-house on your own installation.  There are major potential risks attached to such an approach:  lost production (either a direct cost or, indirectly, a foreshortened training course) – the ‘disappearing technican‘ called from the course to an urgent need (course value diluted or missed, individual training goals not met) – inadequate training environment (could be as simple as nowhere clean & quiet, BUT could be the much more important ‘not enough robots’: training with more than two trainees per robot is INADEQUATE training) – low training quality (low cost threshold drives the ‘a few tips’ approach rather than a structured course: two days is INSUFFICIENT time to train a competent, safe robot programmer).

IRb Training offers:

  • Dedicated 200m2 facility
  • Comfortable environment without day to day distractions
  • Zero impact on production
  • Industry standard of maximum 2 trainees per machine – necessary to guarantee trainee contact time
  • Situated in central Newcastle upon Tyne – ample parking on-site, public transport within easy reach
  • Hotels and eating within walking distance